To tell the history of Made in Italy, to discover the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and work, to admire and to grasp the example of human creativity in this time it means to bring out all the beauty that is in us.
The beauty, the creativity and the productivity of Italy is known in every field: from fashion to food, from craftsmanship to the creation of jewelry, from furnishings to ceramics and valuable objects. Made in Italy is a concept universally recognized as a synonym of quality, good taste and tradition. A company that has accepted and pursued these principles is Epoque & Co. A company rich in history and successes that was founded in 1975, with its name TRECI SALOTTI, from an infinite passion for what is beautiful and cured in the smallest detail, a reality that over time has constantly built a personal identity by researching and preserving the artisan excellences linked to the local tradition. These principles have evolved over the years up to the present day with the establishment of EPOQUE & CO, thanks to a strong family component so much that the owner of the company Cav. Franco Cicirelli today is joined by the presence of his sons Giuseppe, Margherita and Michele that, everyone with their own tasks, contribute to increasing the company’s development. The latter is based in a wonderful land like Altamura (BA). Its impressive 10,000-meter structure has been designed and built thinking about and respecting environmental sustainability and energy saving. It’s difficult to describe a company that, over time, has conquered Italian craftsmanship with dedication, commitment and professionalism. It’s difficult to tell the rarity that has succeeded thanks to the values, the feelings and the union of family and tradition.
The company Epoque & Co wanted to bring the project and the expansion of collections dedicated to the home collection into vogue with a wide range of products and collections increasingly destined for an international market. The flagship collection that has surely been more successful is “Epoque by Egon Furstenberg”. The latter boasts the union of different but extremely artistic cultures, made of meticulous craftsmanship, innovative and dynamic planning, originality and imagination. In a collection of this kind we find a glamorous, fashion furniture, made of modernity and classicism at the same time. It seems like a story out of time but it spurs you to think of Made in Italy as something eternal and exclusive. The home collection arises from the desire of Prince Egon von Furtstenberg to transport his philosophy in the world of furniture, bringing out elegance and class. The respect of this philosophy is the LIFE MOTIVE that still today orients the maison in the production.

In fact, the lines guides are dictated by the mood of the maison whose art director is Vincenzo Merli. “Fundamental for us is the commitment to the search for luxury, as the result of a careful aesthetic investigation, constantly aimed at innovation in the execution of the product, proposing a collection that respects the idea of reasoned space, to maintain in future, the signs of the style and elegance of Made in Italy”- comments Vincenzo Merli. This partnership between the Company and the Maison has lasted for 25 years to witness the great agreement that has been established and consolidated over the years. The collection consists of refined sofas recognizable by the materials that distinguish them, in fact, the collection highlights the great desire to create innovative products with completely new combinations. The best Italian weavers gave Epoque by Egon Furstenberg the careful and meticulous selection of fine fabrics ranging from velvet to pure silk. Fabrics like this give the sofa collection a beauty and refinement without comparison. The quality of the craftsmanship of this company emerges above all when we notice the precious trimmings, the details of the edges of the cushions that represent a unique and precious decorative element.
But the Epoque by Egon Furstenberg collection has as its undisputed protagonist a style that goes from classic and elegant to modern and chic. The latter boasts sofas with clean lines and extremely sober, wrapped in leather, leather and nubuck. Although these materials tell the story they are able to become contemporary, not forgetting the great attention paid to respect for the environment, as these highly ecological leathers are. What strikes about the craftsmanship of Epoque & Co and its collections is certainly the attention to detail, the need for attention and unrepeatability. Each collection and each model proposed by the company is unique and innovative. The company, in recent years, has grown more and more and has expanded the range of its products, presenting not only sofas but also furniture, glassware, consoles and tables made original wrapped by the use of the resin material that allowed to experiment new decoration techniques applicable to all types of surfaces. In the field of lighting you can admire splendid chandeliers, lamps, sconces made with materials such as steel, brass, decorated with alabaster and crystals.
The Home Collection expands its horizons with the Contract collection, focusing on the luxury hotels furniture that gives great visibility to the creations and at the same time allows important orders. But on one hand great attention has been paid to the development of the product that undergoes all the stages of production within the company itself, on the other hand as much attention is dedicated to the development of distribution and marketing in Italy and abroad. As for the Italian market, the strategy aims at consolidating and penetrating existing stores. But the development plans look far beyond that in the last few years our international expansion has been carried out decisively. The countries of Eastern Europe (Russia, Romania, Poland, etc…) are the best performing and represent a large part of the turnover generated across the border. Without forgetting also Greece and Spain where we are enjoying excellent performances. Another objective is to go to place the collections in a particular way in the countries of the Middle East, Asia, India, China, Korea. This is why today, making the difference in terms of marketing and business strategies is not only the ability to offer a dream, but to succeed in realizing it. Today, if you want to succeed, it is not enough to put on the market a good product, but it is absolutely necessary to transpose on it the values in which we identify ourselves, in which we believe. EPOQUE & CO, a proactive Italian company, is the emblem of this approach.